The Aerospace Ecosystem

Let Us Move Together as One

Aerospace Industry

Assoc. Prof. Major Dr. Mohd Harridon Discussed Subjects Pertaining to Search & Rescue, Aerospace Technology, Parabolic Flights, and New Space Economy.

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Jet Engine Testing

Involvement of Assoc. Prof. Major Dr Mohd Harridon in Testing of Jet Engine and Development of Jet Engine Test Cell Control Panel from Scratch

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having fun while floating

Partnership has its Privileges

SkyOrbital in partnership with ZeroG from USA brings you Microgravity Experiences where Microgravity Experimentations are performed while having fun. SkyOrbital prepares you for the rigors of Parabolic Flights through our comprehensive Physical Fitness Programme and Scientific Preparatory Approach. SkyOrbital advises and facilitates preparation of Microgravity Experimentations before Parabolic Flights. Follow the links below.

the maneuvers

Explanation of Parabolic Flight by Major Harridon

What is Parabolic Flight? What can be done during Parabolic Flight? Major Harridon gives a brief explanation.

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All About Rockets

Launching Payloads into Space or at Certain Altitude

SkyOrbital's Partner from Netherlands T-Minus Engineering had launched several rockets for several missions. Launch Vehicle Services are essential to transport payloads to certain altitude in accordance to specific missions such as orbit insertion, data collection, monitoring, defense purposes, and others. A sample of T-Minus Engineering capability is shown below.

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All About Flight

It's All About Ensuring Safety for the Crew and Passengers

To ensure aircrafts are safe and reliable and also to ensure the design of the aircrafts is optimum, Test Pilots are employed to test and fly the aircrafts. Assoc. Prof. Major Dr. Mohd Haridon delivered a lecture with regards to the roles of Test Pilots in the videos below.

A Boost to Your Dreams

Numerous Approaches to get Payloads into Space

SkyOrbital's Partner Equatorial Space Systems had developed Launch Vehicles to cater for Specific Space Missions. Having newly established a branch in the United States of America, Equatorial Space Systems is expending their services and customer base. Follow the link below for more information.

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Aerospace Consultancy via Data

Ensuring the Aerospace Ecosystem is Understood

SkyOrbital provides Aerospace Consultancy where we help clients to understand and fully comprehend the Aerospace Ecosystem through collection of data. In one of our Aerospace Consultancy Services, Assoc. Prof. Major Dr. Mohd Haridon commented and dwelled upon the Aerospace Ecosystem.

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Integration of Culture

Fair Play in Sports, Fair Play in the Aerospace Industry

Assoc. Prof. Major Dr. Mohd Haridon coaches soccer players. Part of SkyOrbital programme is to inculcate integration of cultures, promote fair play in sports and also in the Aerospace Industry, and also to integrate Aerospace Methodologies into Soccer.

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